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If you are Wanting to learn to drive very quickly what-ever the reason, may be for a job or simply you just don’t have the time to hang around for 10 months or so taking an hourly lesson each week then an intensive driving course may be what you need to get you there at the speed that you need. Intensive driving courses are more suited to people who have high levels of concentration over a short period of time as you will be given a lot of information over a short space of time as compared to a normal course, and expect to drive for about 4-5hrs per day. After an initial assessment we will tailor the course to meet your needs, and abilities. The assessment lesson will usually last about 1.5hrs, and the course will only be booked after you have passed your theory test.


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Try us out! If you are considering taking an intensive driving course we offer a 2 hour driving assessment where we can assess your suitability for any intensive courses. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask any further questions about our intensive driving courses.

Typical Courses


12 hour course


This course is suitable for candidates that have failed their test, and would like to refresh and practice in the areas that need improvement

Normal price £300

Discounted Price £288 


25 hours course

This is suitable for a more experienced learner driver, who has around 20 hours or so previous driving experience. Student should demonstrate a good level of car control, and manoeuvres have been practiced also.

Normal price £625,

Discounted price £600 


40 hours course

This course is intended for learner drivers who are complete beginners and require driving tuition from start to pass.

Normal price £1000,

Discounted £960 


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£522 Hours Session

  • Intensive driving assessment lesson
  • (2 hour session)


£31212 Hours

  • Intensive driving course
  • (12 hours)


£65025 Hours

  • Intensive driving course
  • (25 hours)


£104040 Hours

  • Intensive driving course
  • (40 hours)